Mid-Century Interior: Get the Look!

Feb 12, 2021


Mid-Century Modern Style is a design movement defined by simple forms, clean lines, organic curves, high functionality, rich colors and a passion for different materials and shapes. This style grew in America based on earlier styles like Bauhaus which began in Germany. After World War II, many Bauhaus architects and designers migrated to America bringing with them their modern design thinking.



After World War II, there was an expansion of cities in the US. Therefore, there was a new demand for modern living spaces, new furniture and needs, combined with the existence of a technological boom makes the Mid Century modern Style born. However, the quality of this particular style is timeless and appreciated for everyone to our current days.



Here, you’ll learn tips on how to design a space with the mid century modern style. We’ll talk about the color palette, iconic furniture, designers, materials, and some ideas to bring this style to any space.



The traditional mid-century palette ranged from bright hues to earthy colors, so the style works with many different shades. In general, the colors in this style are natural and warm. It is characterized for the use of colors like olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, teal, red or softer shades such as light pink or light blue.



When it comes to color palette, this style is very versatile and playful. In this style, the combinations of colors and materials have no limits. Mid-century Modern Designers embraced relatively new materials like metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood, offsetting these with different natural wooden tones to create a novel, exciting juxtapositions. 




Furniture is often characterized by their practical designs and beautiful craftsmanship. In this style, the furniture pieces are art themselves as technological advances led to production and development of a range of new materials, making it possible to explore new sculptural pieces.



If you want to recreate this style, having some pieces designed at this time can help achieve the desired look. Also, Look for furniture in shades of dark and natural timber finishes, like walnut, usually with rounded shapes. In that style, wood is the basic material for furniture and covering.

The sofas have clean lines, it can be used in neutral or vibrant colors with interesting legs. The best part is that the furniture doesn’t even have to match exactly with each other, each one is a unique and authentic piece. Remember that Apart from being highly functional and comfortable, they are masterpieces that stand out for their futuristic aesthetic and impeccable composition.



By the way, there’s a selection of furniture and accessories of this style, from sofas, armchairs, chairs, lighting fixtures, mirrors, iconic pieces and more. You can find them in D.signers’s Amazon store here!




This style doesn’t have a lot of accessories, it focuses more on having sculptural furniture, rather than small ornaments. Simple vintage accessories of great significance are used, displayed in particular places like coffee tables, bookshelves, credenza and so on. Rugs, cushions, and textiles mixed with different solid colors and geometric patterns. This rich mix of textures is one of the fundamental characteristics of this style.




This style emphasized creating structures with ample windows and open floor plans, with the intention of opening up interior spaces and bringing the outdoors in. Mid-century modern style loves nature inside, so expressive plants can be displayed in interesting planters to add character and movement to the space. With this style, Let the natural light and nature flow in the whole space.





An important detail about lighting, it’s always bold and creative. For this style, the lighting tends to be hanging fixtures with an artistic purpose. Using multiple lamps is also a good idea, so combine different lighting layers through floor, table, and hanging lamps.




One distinctive feature of the Mid-century modern style is to have a statement piece of art. Big, bold and rich canvases that are intended to be the focus of the room are a must have. Since mixing colors is key in those interiors, be sure to Identify the main colors in the art so you can incorporate your accent colors throughout the room with a cohesive color scheme.



Remember the basics:

  1. Earthy and neutral tones combined with rich and vibrant colors.
  2. Furniture is characterized by their practical designs and beautiful craftsmanship. They are pieces of art!
  3. Simple vintage accessories are favorites to complement the space.
  4. Be free to Mix and match textures, colors and geometrical patterns.
  5. Expressive Indoor plants displayed in interesting planters are essential.
  6. Look for bold and creative lighting fixtures.
  7. Incorporate Big, bold and rich canvases because they are perfect to be the focus of the room.
  8. Remember that in this style, open plan and high functionality are basic principles.

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Zahira Cury is an Architect, Interior and Lighting Designer, stylist, founder and creative director of D.Signers Group. She earned a masters in "Lighting Design and Led Technology" in "Politecnico di Milano" in Italy and throughout her love of architecture and interior design, she decided to create the D.Signers Instagram to share extraordinary spaces and inspire worldwide.

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